A gym in Lochgelly has raised money for a men’s mental health charity through a unique workout.

Members of the Aeternum Crossfit in Lochgelly made a one-off donation of £10 to take part in a workout named ‘Chad’ on Saturday, November 11. The workout consisted of 1000 box step-ups, which men completed with a 20kg weighted rucksack and women with 16kg.

The workout is named after Chad Wilkinson, a US veteran who sadly took his own life.

Explaining how the workout got its name, Dean Jarvis of Aeternum Crossfit said: “Just CrossFit is very big on anyone who has fallen in the line of duty such as American vets, or the police, or the brigade, and they’ll get a workout named after them in CrossFit all over the world.”

According to Crossfit, Chad invented the workout himself to help him train to complete a 23,000 foot summit in Argentina.

The gym had three waves of participants, one at 5.30am, one at 8am, and the final one at 10am. The waves lasted on average an hour and a half, and each wave had a good turnout.

A coffee morning offering cake and hot drinks also ran on the day from 8am until the event finished.

Money from the fundraiser went towards Andy’s Man Club which is a men’s suicide prevention charity. It aims to end the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and support men through conversation.

In total, £675 was raised for the charity.