AN EDITION of the Central Fife Times was among the items revealed after a time capsule was uncovered in Lochgelly.

The box was buried back in January 2001 by the congregation of the then Macainsh Church – now St Serf's – as a way of marking the Millennium.

Details of the church's history as well as items in use at the time which included worship materials, hymn books, videos and DVDs and a jar of chocolate spread from the breakfast club had all been included in the time capsule.

Central Fife Times:

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It had been planned that it would be dug up after 20 years however the coronavirus pandemic delayed this until recently.

The church's property convener, Laura Pepperday, explained: "The box was to remain buried for a period of twenty years but in January 2021 the country was entering a second phase of lockdown due to the covid pandemic and the church was closed.

"So, it was at the end of August 2023 that the time capsule was eventually retrieved."

Central Fife Times:

A special outdoor worship service was planned accompanied by Lochgelly Band when the box was to be dug up. Despite a hiccup during a practice run when tree roots hampered efforts for its retrieval, the box was eventually unearthed.

"Despite the box being sealed and wrapped in heavy duty polythene and taped up the items in the box had been damaged by water," added Laura.

"Most of the photographs, packed in sealed plastic bags, were wet and sadly unrecognisable. Paper items fared slightly better and a copy of the Central Fife Times was intact. The items were left to dry out for a few weeks and photographs peeled apart and then displayed in church. Nobody took up the offer to try the chocolate spread!"Central Fife Times:

This weekend, the church will hold its annual Christmas Fayre this Saturday from 10am until 1pm where a variety of stalls and refreshments will be on offer.

Remembrance Day services will take place in Benarty at 9.45am and in Lochgelly at 11.30am.