CARDENDEN’S Community Bonfire 2023 is set to take place on Friday starting at 7pm - but the organising committee is still needing more pallets to be committed to ensure the bonfire is one of the best.

The Community Bonfire Committee made an appeal to the local business community to help them in their search for wooden pallets for the bonfire at Wallsgreen Park some weeks ago, and while they have had many pallets pledged they still need more.

The Bonfire Committee’s Alex Burns MBE said: “Pallets are a key part of the bonfire and we need a fair number of these to help in the construction of it, and if anyone can help us please call the Bowhill Centre on 01592 583471.”

The committee would like the pallets to be delivered to Wallsgreen Park on Friday morning, if possible, to allow these to be included in the central feature of the evening.

Mr Burns added: “The costs for the fireworks, which make the Bonfire so special, have continued to rise, but we have been very fortunate that various local groups have supported us to ensure that this year’s event goes ahead.

"We warmly thank them for their backing and we hope that the thousands of people expected to turn up on the night will make a donation in our collecting tins.”

A crowd of over 4,000 is expected on the night and the Bonfire Committee would welcome volunteers to come forward to help out at Wallsgreen Park on the night.

If anyone would like to help just contact the Bowhill Centre on 01592 583471.