COWDENBEATH'S MSP has highlighted a Scottish Government campaign to ensure people get the care they need this winter. 

Annabelle Ewing is supporting the Right Care Right Place campaign, which signposts people to the best places for healthcare help over the winter.

Speaking on the campaign, she said: "Winter is the time of year when our health services come under the most pressure and knowing where the most appropriate place to turn to is when we have help care needs helps us get the care we need as quickly and efficiently as possible and helps protect the NHS from becoming overwhelmed.

“So, I really welcome not only the launch of this awareness campaign but the fact that this message is being got across earlier in the year than has been the case in the past.  

"Right Care Right Place is about making sure everyone knows which health setting is best for them, depending on their medical needs."

The public is being encouraged to make use of the various recourses that are available to them before heading to the A&E.

Ms Ewing continued: “People are being advised to use self-help guides which are available on the NHS Inform website, visit their local pharmacy for advice, telephone NHS 24 on 111, or contact their general practice surgery. Accident and Emergency departments should be used only for genuine emergencies. 

“By quickly performing this sort of self-triage we can ensure that the emergency provision in the health service is available for those that really need it.  But I would stress that if these resources – or your own common sense – are telling you that A&E is where you should go, then do not hesitate.

“This is not about keeping people out of A&E but ensuring that those who need help most get that help quickest.

“Another very important step that everyone can take is to check if they are eligible for flu and COVID vaccinations and get that sorted as soon as possible.

“Let’s all do everything we can to ensure everyone can get the right care, in the right place as quickly as possible.”

Self-help guides for a wide variety of medical issues can be found here.