A Fife fitness instructor is running a seminar to raise awareness of diet culture and to teach nutritional education.

Robyn Drummond will be hosting the “The Diet You Haven’t Tried” seminar in Lochgelly Centre on Wednesday, November 15, from 6.15-9pm.

There will be a talk with Robyn and it will be finished off with a Q&A. Tickets for the event are £20, but 15–18-year-olds can attend the seminar for free.

Robyn - who won the Entrepreneurial Award at the Dunfermline Press/Central Fife Times Community Champion Awards earlier this year - said: “They can expect to learn about the truth around fad diets. A lot of the women who would attend the event, or who would like to attend the event, are women who have been kind of serial dieters who have tried every diet under the sun, and they come to me and say they’ve tried everything.

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“So my mission is to combat the poor relationships with food that come off the back of trying everything, and simply helping women understand the truths around them and providing real education around why they might work temporarily but not as a long-term solution to a lifestyle change.”

Fad diets result in quick weight loss, but often do not provide long-term results or health benefits. These fad diets can have negative consequences for a person, such as dehydration, weakness and fatigue.

Central Fife Times: Robyn with her award at the Community Champion Awards earlier this year.Robyn with her award at the Community Champion Awards earlier this year. (Image: Jim Payne)

This is Robyn’s first business seminar, but she hopes to be able to do more in the future to help people get their heads around toxic diet cultures and fads.

Robyn added: “I think that somebody needs to say these things, I think that someone needs to step up and create more awareness and education around it.

“It is not merely me standing up and slating anyone’s business or companies at all, but purely providing education to help understand how they actually work because I think that that’s missing.”