A Lo'gelly Lunches volunteer has given out 2,000 free pairs of shoes to families in Central Fife thanks to a partnership with the Big Hoose Project. 

Since the beginning of the year, committee member Brian Shulz and his fellow group members have covered every school from Crossgates through to Cardenden and down to Ballingry, giving out free shoes to those who need them. 

He told the Times: "I think it's just been a great achievement. It's a milestone, I can't believe it. I don't look for press but I think it's great that we're sharing that we're doing this to help people. 

"It's absolutely fantastic what the helpers are doing and what we're helping people do."

On Tuesday, September 12, not only did Brian hand out his 2,000th pair of shoes since starting this project to Jock Breen, but he and his team handed out a total of 96 pairs of shoes on the day and 2,500 rolls of toilet roll.

Currently, Brian and his team set up outside so that people can approach the stalls more easily but now that the summer months are over, they're looking at how they can to keep their operation going.

He continued: "What happens at the moment, I get the big cardboard box, I put six tables out on my drive and I put all the crates out. 

"My wife and I sort them out into sizes, and we've got friends from Cardenden walking club that come and give us a hand, then we put the empty boxes back in the van, all the shoes are in crates and the crates go on the tables. It makes life really easy.

"Coming into winter, you need somewhere dry to do that."

While they have just reached this massive milestone, Brian is still looking ahead to the future and is committed to continuing to give back to his community. 

And it's been a team effort, Brian said: "Cllr Erskine has been excellent, she's been our go-between to get into the schools and kept her members informed. She's been a great support to us. 

"The Big Hoose Project, if it wasn't for them I couldn't do it."

While he takes some time to rethink the logistics of his operation, Brian is encouraging anyone who would like to give back to the community to make a donation to their local school or to Lo'gelly Lunches.