A Ballingry woman woke up to find a drunk stranger in her home.

The culprit was 32-year-old Aaran Thomson, of Chapel Place, Lochgelly, who has appeared back at Dunfermline Sheriff Court by video-link from prison after breaching a community payback order.

He previously admitted that on October 6 last year at a property in Ballingry, he allowed himself entry to a house whilst intoxicated without the permission of the occupants.

He also admitted that on October 9, also in Ballingry and in the rear of a police vehicle, he shouted, swore, acted aggressively, threw various items, smashed a window, made offensive remarks, threats of violence, threats to damage property, repeatedly kicked the cage and repeatedly spat in the van.

The court was told that at 7.20am the woman was at home when she heard her dog barking and the front door opening. She saw an unknown man standing in her hallway and told him he was in the wrong house.

“Oh, I’ve done it again,” he said and the woman managed to get him out of the house.

In the other incident, neighbours of Thomson had been told he had been throwing items out of his window. He was shouting from the window saying: “Come on, come on, I’ll take you on, one by one.”

A neighbour then found various items lying outside her back door, having been thrown there by Thomson.

Thomson was later abusive to a female police officer, saying: “I’ll put your windows in you s***” and he spat in the police van.

Defence solicitor Stephen Morrison said Thomson wrongly thought it was a friend’s home he had entered. He was also having “a horrendous time with his mental health” at that time.

Last December, Thomson was put a community payback order with 15 months of supervision for these offences. However, he has since been given a jail sentence and the order was breached.

In the circumstances, Sheriff Craig McSherry imposed no further order.