FURTHER changes are needed at St Kenneth's Primary to accommodate for a year hundreds of pupils from another school.

Lochgelly South kids are having to be travel to Ballingry as their own school is closed until August 2024 for improvement works and to address "historic mining issues" at the site.

A planning application submitted by Fife Council explained: "Whilst there is capacity within St Kenneth’s Primary School, some temporary and permanent works are required to fully accommodate Lochgelly South PS as highlighted by this application."

It sought permission for two modular buildings in the grounds of St Kenneth's, to serve as temporary classrooms, but this caused some confusion as although consent has still to be granted they are already in place.

Central Fife Times: Lochgelly South Primary School is closed until August 2024 while historic mining issues are addressed.Lochgelly South Primary School is closed until August 2024 while historic mining issues are addressed. (Image: Newsquest)

Attempting to clarify the position, a council spokesperson said the modular buildings had already been approved as permitted development and that there was no need to include them in the application.

Still to be determined is a request to double the size of the car park at the Ballingry school, from 26 spaces to 52, and a new access.

The council's application, which was submitted in January, stated: "The modular classrooms will be situated on an existing area of tarmac playground, which the application looks to extend so that there is still similar area of tarmac for the pupils to play on.

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"A temporary construction road access will be required onto the site and it is the intention that this will be formed in a manner so that on removal of the units in 2024, (lockable) gates will be maintained so that property maintenance vehicles can access the site as this is a current issue with St Kenneth’s."

It added: "Parking is a current issue at St Kenneth’s PS and the proposal seeks to improve the existing car park within the school ground to maximise the number of spaces.

"However currently there is only space for staff only and no space for visitors.

"This means pressure is placed on the adjacent streets for parking for any visitors to the school.

"The proposal seeks to form an additional permanent car park which will accommodate the staff from Lochgelly South PS for the duration of their stay but will also long term address parking issues for the school by offering an overflow car park."

Meanwhile, an application for ground consolidation work at the Lochgelly South site has been approved by the council.

A report explained: "The objective is to consolidate mineworkings in the Lochgelly Splint and Lochgelly Parrot Coals by drilling and grouting in order to provide future surface stability to the existing school structure and proposed new modular building within the site, to be located adjacent to the eastern site boundary (the new building is not the subject of this application).

"The proposed works will ensure the site is stable and safe for the continued use of the premises as a primary school."