A COUNCILLOR has met with the Fife Sports and Leisure Trust to try and address the community concerns over the Lumphinnans Sports Hub. 

Cllr Bailey-Lee Robb met the trust to discuss concerns that the facility wasn't operating as a community hub, which is what people in the area had expected. 

He told the Times: "This dates back to before I was elected but essentially when it was getting built, the community had a choice to take over themselves or to have an external partner come in and take it over. 

"The situation that has now developed is that FSLT has come in and taken it over and rather than a community hub, which was promised to the small community in Lumphinnans, what they've been landed with is a sports hub."

The main issues that the community have with the facilities are the cost to rent out the space, and that they are unable to use the small kitchen in the hub as it only has basic facilities and appliances. 

Cllr Robb continued: "They feel ripped off. 

"Despite having a state of the art facility, brand new, still if you walk in it feels brand new, it feels like it's never been touched really. 

"It's fit for purpose in the sense that it's a brand new building but it's not meeting the needs of the community."

After meeting with Cllr Robb, FSLT has agreed to work with him to address the community concerns. 

A FSLT spokesperson said: “We have met Cllr Bailey-Lee Robb and are aware of his concerns.

"We agreed to work positively with Cllr Bailey-Lee Robb and the community to address concerns and support community requests to use Lumphinnans Sports Hub."