A LOCAL councillor has reported a total of 30 road-related faults in "forgotten" Crossgates.

Since Bailey-Lee Robb reported the defects both Muir Court and Windmill Knowe have been temporarily resurfaced but he says a lot still needs to be done.

The SNP councillor, whose Cowdenbeath ward includes the village, told the Times: "Crossgates is often forgotten about by Fife Council in that it is viewed as a through-village which is missed out from investment.

"The state of the roads, and road-related issues, is second to none in Crossgates.

"It also has a number of roads that are not categorised as highly as other routes, but that still require significant attention."

Sharing the extent of the issue on his Facebook page, Cllr Robb wrote: "I was pleased that after reporting the ridiculous state of the junction at Windmill Knowe in Crossgates and after chasing up roads and transportation, it has finally been temporarily resurfaced.

"I reported this, alongside another 29 faults around one half of Crossgates, at the beginning of July."

While some defects have been addressed for now, permanent repairs still need to be carried out, and it's not just smoothing out the surface and filling in the potholes.

He continued: "Temporary resurfacing has been done in Windmill Knowe and Muir Court. However, there were a number of roads reported by myself and local residents that are yet to be done.

"In addition, drains are also a big issue here in Crossgates, in that many are completely blocked, at Church Place for example, and road signs require repairing.

"It is about making an area look good and feel good for local residents, for them to take pride and look after."

Cllr Robb said: "Residents are pleased with the temporary resurfacing so far – especially Muir Court as they have been waiting for years!

"However, they are still frustrated that it has taken this long with little to no communication from roads and transportation.

"They are also worried that they will not have other roads repaired or resurfaced in the meantime.

"At the end of the day, I want to thank those officers who have completed resurfacing to date.

"However, we need significant improvement in Crossgates, and that leadership begins from the top."