A COWDENBEATH boxing club is hoping to take members to spar across the UK as it raises funds for a mini bus.

Beath Boxing Club, based on High Street, is looking for help to raise £5,000 towards a mini bus used for competitions.

Having returned from a trip to Spain earlier this year, where members were invited to shows in England, the club decided it was time to organise transport to "give the kids the experience we want to give them".

Jon-Paul Hynd, the club's founder, said: "We normally have to take maybe four cars and it can be a pain to co-ordinate it all. With normal tournaments we have to use the coach's cars.

"There will be a race night held on Saturday, August 26, at Crossgates Legion to help raise funds needed.

"We used to do one show a year. That would help with bills and equipment. We have got a number of sponsors contributing and then we can get the logo on the bus."

Around 15 kids take part in the younger class offered by the club, while 40 attend the older sessions.

Work is also ongoing to expand its current premises and remove internal walls in order to offer spaces to more children.

"It's about the youth of today," Jon-Paul said. "It's my turn to give back."

He started Beath Boxing Club in 2019 with just one other coach and his son.

Since then it has grown, despite challenges due to COVID and is now running at capacity until its space can be expanded.

You can donate towards the mini bus at www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/beathboxingclub.