A WINDOW has been smashed, roof tiles broken and fences damaged as vandals have targeted Kelty Hearts.

Kelty is the latest local football club to have been hit after the Times reported last week that fires had recently been set at Lochgelly Albert's Purvis Park.

New Central Park has now seen extensive damage caused, with a stone reportedly thrown through the club's hospitality lounge window.

The SPFL League One club are now set to incur a financial loss through repair work and improving its CCTV system.

A member of the board told the Times: "Following reports of damage to other football clubs I can also advise Kelty Hearts FC are having the same problems with vandals in the community."

They stated that individuals have climbed on the roof of the changing rooms and broken roof tiles.

In addition, fences have been damaged and broken bottles have also been lying on the club's pitch.

"Kelty Hearts have spent thousands improving facilities for the benefit of the whole community", the board member continued.

"We work closely with the Fife Council and the community centre trying to resolve these issues.

"At present, apart from a very successful senior team, we have over 250 kids (Kelty Hearts Community Club) participating in football seven days a week.

"Kelty Hearts' Central park is the 'hub' centre of the village and our facilities are enjoyed by local schools, community groups, nursery kids, charitable organisations etc.

"Especially for raising much-needed funds for the local kids sports equipment, strips etc. For example, the primary school held a very successful prom at our facilities recently."

They expressed their hopes that parents and guardians could help to identify those responsible for the vandalism.

"It would be appropriate and appreciated if parents could assist ourselves and FC in identifying these culprits," they concluded.

"In the meantime Kelty Hearts are having to incur further expenditure in first of all repairs and also increasing our CCTV system."

The Times recently told you that Lochgelly Albert only narrowly avoided "catastrophic damage" after a deliberate fire was set at the club's ground.

The East of Scotland Third Division side reported that an attempt had been made to set fire to the disabled toilet at Purvis Park.

Had it not been for a committee member's presence later that morning the damage could have been far worse, the club stated.

"This is part of the main building and had the fire spread it could have resulted in catastrophic damage," they said.

"As it stands the door and frame will need to be replaced.

"It was only fortunate that one of our committee had arrived to work on the pitch and was able to deal with the fire.

"There was nobody in the area but the fire has been started deliberately.

"The police have been informed and all relevant information has been forwarded.

"Despite minor instances of vandalism the club has been fortunate to avoid issues of this nature.

"However, this is another level and will not be tolerated.

"If anyone has any information I would appreciate if you would message the page."

The club also reported, to "add insult to injury", those responsible also set fire to a plastic barrier that was stored behind one of the dugouts.

The damage came just days after Lochgelly Albert pictured youths fleeing from Purvis Park after allegedly kicking holes in the playing surface and swinging on pitch-side advertising boards.