A LOCHGELLY man who punched both his mum and dad in their home has been jailed.

John Reddington, 35, of Whyte Street, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court by video-link from prison.

He admitted that on June 15 at Abbotsford Road, Lochore, he assaulted his father Thomas Reddington by punching him on the face causing him to fall to the ground and while he was lying there, he repeatedly struck him on the head and body, to his injury.

He also admitted assaulting his mother, Anne Reddington, by punching her on the head and body, causing her to fall to the ground and while she was lying there, he repeatedly struck her on the head and body to her injury.

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf said Reddington was drinking in the back garden at around 11.30am.

He was asking his dad to arm-wrestle and when he refused Reddington became angry and started throwing things about the house.

His mum asked him to top wrecking her house and Reddington replied: “What am I f****** smashing? I’ll show you what I’m going to f****** smash up.”

He then punched his 64-year-old dad in the face causing him to fall.

When his mum tried to pull him off, Reddington punched her to the face and hit her when she was on the ground.

He then hit dad again and tried to push a fridge freezer on to the couple as they lay on the floor.

He did not manage this but instead punched his dad again.

The couple left their home and went to a neighbour’s house before the police were contacted.

Defence solicitor Amy Harley said Reddington had been living with his parents at the time.

She added: “He is disgusted with his actions and can’t believe he’s done this. He’s very ashamed.”

Sheriff Charles Macnair said: “This was a sustained assault on your parents.”

He jailed Reddington for six months.