LOCHGELLY Albert have narrowly avoided "catastrophic damage" after a deliberate fire was set at the club's ground.

This morning (Tuesday) the East of Scotland Third Division side reported that an attempt had been made to set fire to the disabled toilet at Purvis Park.

Had it not been for a committee member's presence later that morning the damage could have been far worse, the club stated.

"This is part of the main building and had the fire spread it could have resulted in catastrophic damage," the club stated.

"As it stands the door and frame will need to be replaced.

"It was only fortunate that one of our committee had arrived to work on the pitch and was able to deal with the fire.

"There was nobody in the area but the fire has been started deliberately.

"The police have been informed and all relevant information has been forwarded.

"Despite minor instances of vandalism the club has been fortunate to avoid issues of this nature.

"However, this is another level and will not be tolerated.

"If anyone has any information I would appreciate if you would message the page."

The club also reported, to "add insult to injury", those responsible also set fire to a plastic barrier that was stored behind one of the dugouts.

The damage comes just days after Lochgelly Albert pictured youths fleeing from Purvis Park after allegedly kicking holes in the playing surface and swinging on pitchside advertising boards.

A committee member asked them to leave, but they were met with a "torrent of abuse".

The club said: "A great deal of time, effort and cash is spent on trying to improve the facilities, including repairs to a dugout roof, disabled priority shelter, and advertising boards, which have all been vandalised.

"Everyone associated with Lochgelly Albert takes a great deal of pride in our club.

"It is very disheartening when we encounter issues like this.

"It is clear that not everyone has the same appreciation of their local area.

"The pitch had fertiliser and weed killer applied yesterday (Friday) so there is a good chance that our visitors will have carried this home on the soles of their shoes.

"Let’s hope it doesn’t damage anyone’s carpets.

"Someone must know who they are.

"If we can identify the culprits the club will take appropriate measures and they will be held liable for any damages caused.

"If these are your children please make them aware that Purvis Park is private property and mindless damage to the pitch or surrounding area will not be tolerated.

"We would be happy to welcome them a on a matchday but this is wholly unacceptable."