A LABRADOR "extremely underweight" was found potentially abandoned in a Central Fife woodland.

The young male was discovered near Cardenden Motocross Track on July 15 at around 4.30pm.

The dog is around nine-months to a year old and the SSPCA has said he was "very scared" and had signs of "mental and physical trauma" when he was collected.

An appeal has been launched for information regarding the dog and any potential owner.

Scottish SPCA inspector, Robyn Gray, said: “The dog is only around nine months to a year old and was extremely underweight when he was found.

“He had a piece of blue twine rope around his neck.

“The dog was very scared when he was found, and has since been showing evident signs of mental and physical trauma.

"He is now at one of our animal rescue and rehoming centres where he is receiving the care and rehabilitation he needs.

“We understand that the person who left him may have intended for him to be found but this is not the correct way to give up an animal if you can no longer care for them.

“We are keen to establish the details surrounding how the dog came to be here, and what has happened to him up to that point.

“No applications to rehome or notes of interest are being accepted at this point.

“If anyone recognises this dog they should call our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”