A DOMESTIC abuse offender, previously accused of “taking the mick” with his excuses for not doing unpaid work, has appeared back in court.

Again, a sheriff was not impressed by the reasons given for Alexander McLeman not complying with his sentence.

McLeman, 35, of Grainger Street, Lochgelly, had previously been sentenced at Dunfermline Sheriff Court to 160 hours of unpaid work and 16 months of supervision.

He admitted that on September 30, 2021 at his then home in Main Street, Townhill, he assaulted his partner by grabbing her and pushing past her, causing her to fall against a wall to her injury.

In February, the case returned to court with a request to revoke the order and the imposition of an alternative sentence

On that occasion, Sheriff Lindsay Foulis responded: “That doesn’t float my boat. He’s got the wrong man here today.”

He was told that McLeman had been drinking heavily and taking drugs instead of doing the unpaid work.

The sheriff said: “The responsibility for that lies with him, nobody else.”

Sheriff Foulis refused to revoke the order, saying it smacked of “taking the mick”. He told McLeman to complete the order.

Four months on, he was back in court again saying he could not comply with the sentence.

Defence solicitor Alan Davie said his client was unable to do his unpaid work because of mental health problems.

However, Sheriff Charles Macnair said: “He can’t do the unpaid work because he takes drugs.”

He went on: “He’s only done 18 hours and a lot of that is ‘other activities’ and not actual unpaid work.

“I want a full and proper medical report, not two lines saying he’s got anxiety or whatever.”

The case was continued for reports until July 12.