FIFE Nordic Ski Club is encouraging new members to come along and get involved in cross-country roller skiing.

The group, who meet at Fife Cycle Park in Lochgelly, offer a range of sessions for aspiring Nordic skiers of all ages.

Ben Finch, chair of the club, told the Times: "We formed the club, officially, this year, we've just started back training at Fife Cycle Park and we're keen for new members to come along and find out more about what we're doing.

"Basically, roller skiing is the equivalent of Nordic Skiing without snow.

"The skis are fairly short but are worn with normal Nordic ski boots and we use poles with especially sharp points so they work on the tarmac. We always wear cycle helmets as well just in case there's any tumbles.

"Nordic skiing means you're propelling yourself. It's similar in motion to inline skating or ice skating.

"In fact, one of the Nordic techniques is called 'skating' but obviously you've got poles to propel yourself.

"You can go uphill, cross country and you can go downhill as well. As long as you've got a nice bit of tarmac, you can pretty much go anywhere."

Ben swears by roller skiing and says that it is easier on the knees than running or walking, making it an ideal way to get in some low impact exercise.

The club also prides itself on being inclusive and are able to accommodate those with mobility problems.

A sit-ski is available for those with lower leg issues or amputations.

Ben added: "Just come and give it a try, it's great fun with a great group of people who participate."

To go along to a session, all you need is a cycle helmet.

To find out more and get in touch with the Fife Nordic Ski Group visit their Facebook page.