A REVIEW into how Fife Council deals with potholes has been called for by the convenor of Cowdenbeath Area Committee.

Labour councillor Alex Campbell has told the Times that the state of some housing estates within the area is "just unacceptable".

He commented: "At this year's budget we put an additional £3.5 million in for fixing the roads but we need more funding and that requires the Edinburgh government to stop cutting our budgets and take some responsibility for the state of the roads.

"Whilst the Edinburgh government cuts the council budgets and squander billions on failed projects they fail to put enough money in to meet the basic needs of services such as maintaining the roads. This has to change.

“I also want to see a review within the council as to how it spends the money as the state of roads in some of our housing estates is just unacceptable.

"The message I am getting from local people is they want all levels of government to focus on the day-to-day issues impacting on communities.

"Right now that means ensuring that every road in every street is safe from large potholes and rubble falling out of the holes that pose even more dangers for cars and pedestrians.

He continued: “I have been in touch with council officers highlighting some of the worst examples of potholes in the Cowdenbeath area and I would urge everyone to report any problems with roads to the council.

"But I am also making clear that the current approach is not working and we really need to have a more robust response so that cars are not being damaged and people are not having to deal with hazards when walking across roads.”

Fife Council's roads spokesperson Cllr Altany Craik said: “There are over 2,500km of roads in Fife and we work hard to maintain all of this and keep our roads in a safe condition.

“We have to work on a priority basis, concentrating on safety first.

“We understand and share the frustration of Fife's road users and that is why we invested an extra £3.5 million into Fife's roads this budget.

"We expect to see results of that investment in the coming months."

Lead consultant Sara Wilson added: “In Cowdenbeath resurfacing will be carried out this financial year at Mossend Terrace, Sinclair Drive, Woodend Place, Rae Street, South Street, and Seco Drive.

“We will be inspecting all roads and pavements in Cowdenbeath over the summer, carrying out repairs where necessary.”