IF you fancy mucking in and working beside adorable alpacas and an array of cute animals then a dream volunteering job is waiting for you.

Melville Mini Farm Park in Crossgates is on the hunt for people to donate their time and provide care.

You will be working with alpacas, deer, pigs and sheep, as well as their Highland Cow.

Alan Melville, who owns the farm park, told the Times: "They can get involved at whatever level they want to.

"If they're just happy to come up for a couple of hours and just help with the animals then that's fine, or if they want to be more hands on they can come at the weekend.

"We don't push anybody, we just take people at any level they want to do it at."

Volunteering would be no walk in the park, however, as the team are looking for someone who can put in a hard graft.

Tasks would include mucking out stalls and feeding the animals in all weather.

There are opportunities to be as hands on as you like; you can also volunteer at the Little Farmer Club or the Pony Club that is run on the farm.

"It's quite rewarding work because it gets people out in the country," Alan said.

"It's good for their mental health and it de-stresses people.

"Our animals are all tame, our deer are tame, you can go in and handle them and they come to you, it's very therapeutic.

"With animals, you just escape from the world for a while."

Those who are looking to volunteer don't need any former experience working in a farm setting due to the kind nature of the animals on Melville Mini Farm Park.

You must be over the age of 16 and able to make your own way to the farm as bus services do not serve the area.

Alan added: "You don't need experience, just a willingness to do hard work.

"When you get bad weather and it's pouring with rain, it doesn't make any difference, the animals still need to be looked after so it can be a bit challenging sometimes when the weather is bad.

"It's definitely a commitment but good for people who love to be around animals.

"Some people aren't in a position to own an animal but they like being around them.

"Up here, you can come up, spend time with the animals, do some work, do some jobs and go home happy."

Melville Mini Farm Park are hoping to open fully next year, at which point paid positions on the farm would become available and those who already volunteer there would be offered these paid positions first.

To apply to volunteer, get in touch with them through their Facebook page or call Alan on: 07983979897.