A FOODBANK volunteer from Hill of Beath is lacing up his running shoes for charity this weekend.

Scott Johnstone is set to run just over 14 miles as he takes part in the Race Against Hunger challenge.

Supporters from all around the UK will come together as part of the "movement for change" in an effort to raise money to help end the need for foodbanks.

While the event is traditionally 5k in distance, Scott is taking things one step further by running past the five Trussel Trust foodbanks in the local area.

The 29-year-old has given his time to the Rosyth branch for more than three years now and will travel past it on Saturday, as well as the facilities in Benarty, Cowdenbeath, Dunfermline and Inverkeithing.

"They are all very important to me," he said.

"I've seen first-hand the amazing and tireless work all the volunteers do.

"Every night the foodbanks are open, the volunteers will be met with many different situations and challenges to deal with.

“From sorting through crates of food deliveries to being the friendly face offering a tea or coffee to a client who may be struggling with loneliness on top of other issues.

"Each team of volunteers works differently but they all work together to treat the clients with the dignity and respect that they deserve.”

Scott has been working directly with Dunfermline Foodbank on his fundraising campaign, with all donations set to benefit the local community.

His initial fundraising target of £500 has been smashed and money continues to be donated.

“The generosity of friends, family and other volunteers at the foodbank has been amazing and is really going to give me that extra boost of energy on the day", he believes.

"With each donation I also like to think it’s helping to raise awareness of the local foodbanks as well and may even lead to others volunteering or donating regularly after this.

“To everyone who has donated so far, thank you all so much!

"These donations people are making are going to go much further than just me and this race.

“Each donation made will help to put food on the table for local families who are struggling to make ends meet.

"With the cost of living rocketing and our living standards falling, the reality is many families are finding themselves in this situation for the first time and it could effect any of us.

“With each donation you are helping those in poverty, those in low paid and insecure jobs, those who can’t work due to disabilities, and with each donation you’re helping get these families back on their feet.”

Scott is putting in the hours ahead of the challenge with strength training at the gym and three runs per week, as well as endurance work at the weekend past.

He said: “I’ve only ever run a half marathon distance once in my life and as this route along all five foodbanks is just over a half marathon distance at 14.2 miles; then it will definitely be quite the challenge!”

He is also encouraging other people to get involved in helping their communities.

“When I started volunteering three years ago it was because I didn’t want to wait around and just hope that things would get better eventually," he said.

"If you want to see change in your community then get involved where you can and muck in to help others.

"Whether that’s through donations or volunteering it can all make a difference.

“In this day and age our communities should be thriving, not just surviving.”

To donate to Scott's fundraiser, please visit his fundraising page: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/rah-dunfermlinefb