HERE is the one secret to fat loss that hardly anyone talks about: maintaining it.

You see, losing body fat is the easy part. It’s maintaining fat loss for a long time that’s the challenging part, it’s easy to slip into previous habits.

So, today I’m going to tell you how you can prevent this from happening.

The most important reason is the plan you embark on and the goals you are being set are too unrealistic for you.

For example, fad diets or extreme fat loss plans aren’t actually sustainable, so don’t blame yourself for your previous attempts, it isn’t you; it’s just simply that the approach didn’t actually suit your lifestyle.

These types of diets often restrict certain food groups or require a significant reduction in calorie intake, which can be difficult to maintain over time.

Once people go off these diets, they often return to their old eating habits and regain the weight they lost.

The biggest and most important question to ask yourself is, 'Can I see myself eating this way for a long time?', and the answer is normally no.

Let me give you an example: Often carbohydrates are given a bad name and so many people remove these and have a 'low carb diet', however, if you cannot have this as your new normal, then you will not maintain your results.

In addition to this, this also applies to exercise.

Many people are advised to do a lot of exercise. This includes both workouts and a high step count, now whilst it is exceptionally important for everyone to be active irrespective of losing body fat sometimes these goals just don’t match your lifestyle long term.

So, it is important you are active but exercising excessively can lead to injury and muscle soreness.

If you are someone about to embark on this journey, small changes make a huge difference.

You are more likely to have a successful fat loss journey by making small changes you can adhere to for a long time than trying to lose body fat rapidly and going round this vicious cycle again and again.

Remember, ask yourself, 'Can I see myself continuing these new goals and habits for a long time?'.

And if the answer is no, it doesn’t suit your lifestyle and it’s unlikely you are going to maintain those results.

If you have any questions on this or would like to reach out, please drop me a message on social media at: ‘Robyndrummondfitness’