CRUFTS was graced by an eight-year-old and her trusted companion as a Central Fife youngster earned a podium place at the prestigious show.

Grace Dall, a primary school pupil at St Patrick's RC in Lochgelly, recently competed in Birmingham with her dog Zoom and they placed third in the U18's Jumping (Age 6-11 category).

Grace's mum, Kirsty, told the Times this week that her daughter was overjoyed after placing third for their run.

"You should have seen her face - she was beaming," Kirsty said.

"She was delighted to get there, and before it all started she had said to me, 'Mum, what if I do get a rosette?'

"I reminded her that it was just brilliant for her to be there and that there'd be a lot of people watching. So no matter what, she had done so well already.

"She wasn't even nervous. She was brilliant on her run."

The Times previously told you that Grace and Zoom qualified for Crufts back in August having bonded during the pandemic and dedicated hours and hours to training at the family's Woodbank Dogs.

Kirsty said that the pair have a special relationship and that the whole family were "incredibly proud" of her achievements with Zoom.

She said: "When it came to the prize presentations, everyone was in the ring and I was saying to myself that Grace would probably be too busy yapping to hear how she got on!

"Her face was beaming as I said, and she was just so pleased all weekend and then going in to school to tell everyone as well. She just smashed it.

"Grace and Zoom have just gelled so well. I tried to run with Zoom before, but Zoom just wanted Grace."

The third-place finish saw Grace take home a rosette and a bag of goodies for Zoom, with Kirsty also treating the talented youngster to a new jumper, teddy and pair of earrings; Grace herself also bought a new lead and collar for Zoom.

Grace hopes more kids her age will consider giving dog agility a go, and she would be "more than happy to help" anyone who wants to give it a try at Woodbank Dogs.

As well as her family being proud of her success, Fiona Miller, acting headteacher at St Patrick's RC PS, commented: "We are incredibly proud of her and how hard she worked."