A COWDENBEATH business has celebrated expansion after setting up to deliver a life-changing laser service after lockdown.

Karla Rae opened up Smooth Clinic in High Street April 2021 and she says the services on offer have already helped to save a life and have even enabled a wedding.

Dedicated to hair and tattoo removal, a second base has now opened up in Cupar and the business has a close, tight-knit team.

Karla explained: “We have done more than provide smooth legs.

“The first major one was a girl came in and had been engaged for a few years. She really wanted to get married but would have had to get up and shave, then stop at lunchtime to wash her make up off and shave to stop and do it again in the evening.

“Not only was the thought of someone doing her make up really embarrassing, but the thought of her wedding day being interrupted.

“After a few sessions, she booked her wedding.

“Another lady, when she first came in, was really really quiet and I thought that was just the way she was.

“The more sessions she had, the livelier she got.

“She was ready to end it all. She didn’t want to go anywhere.

“She didn’t want to date anyone, she wanted to work from home.

“Now it has gone and she can speak to people without worrying they are staring at her.

“It really makes it all worthwhile.

“It is ladies of all ages. They are young, 18, 21 right up to old ladies that are coming in and saying I wish I had done it years ago.”

Karla, who lives in Cardenden, said she has clients from across Fife and further afield booking up for treatment.

“People were coming from St Andrews, Dollar, South Queensferry, Glenrothes, everywhere,” she said.

“I didn’t realise the demand when I started. I just wanted my legs done and was having a look to see where I could go and it was Edinburgh or Glasgow and it was really expensive and time consuming.

“There is nowhere around doing it professionally and properly.

“I got myself trained and bought myself my first laser and all these ladies started to book in to get their faces done and the lips and chins.

“I didn’t realise that it was such a big issue having a big impact on all these ladies’ lives.

“It is crazy that it has grown so fast.

“It is overwhelming trying to keep up but it is definitely worth it though.

“Everyone else is buying houses and cars and I am buying new laser machines.”

Tattoo removal is also provided along with free removal of radiation marks for cancer survivors.

“Some people like them because it reminds them of the hard time they have come through and other people want it off as it reminds them of a really horrible time.

“We are happy to remove it for free,” added Karla.