AN "EXTREMELY dangerous" sinkhole has opened up at Bowhill Cemetery.

Councillor Rosemary Liewald said someone could be badly hurt if they stepped into it and called on Fife Council to fill it as soon as possible.

She told the Times that visitors to the cemetery on Main Street that residents had reported a sinkhole on one of the footpaths "several months ago" but no action had been taken.

Cllr Liewald, who represents Lochgelly, Cardenden and Benarty, said: "This is extremely dangerous and falls short of what the residents of Fife expect.

"This sinkhole looks to have fragile and sharp surrounding, indicating that it clearly will breakaway and expose a larger depth, with the potential of serious injury should anyone misplace their footing.

"There was a very large family funeral at St Ninians Church and later the interment took place at Bowhill, where a large gathering of family and friends met.

"A great many of those entering the cemetery are older and perhaps more fragile in their movement, which gives the seriousness of these issues a higher level of urgency."

She said she had reported it to the council and was told it would be dealt with as soon as possible.

However, Cllr Liewald added: "However I have since, from comments to my Fife Council Facebook page, been told that this was reported to Fife Council several months ago and unfortunately nothing has been done.

"There are no warnings around the area or markings with yellow paint, which is the usual action on inspection.

"I urge our bereavement service team to please address the serious concerns regarding maintenance within our graveyards .

"These must be kept as places of quiet contemplation and comfort for those we have lost and they must be maintained to a high standard of safety for everyone who visits each day."

Liz Murphy, bereavement service manager for the council, said: "The safety of those visiting our cemeteries is very important to us.

"We've arranged for the path at Bowhill Cemetery to be inspected and will get it repaired as soon as possible."