A GRAND night was had in Cowdenbeath as a four-figure sum was raised for Andy's Man Club.

The New Woodside Hotel played host to an evening of live entertainment as £850 was earned for the charity, with the venue itself topping up the final total to £1,000.

Peter Morrison, one of the facilitators at the Cowdenbeath branch of Andy's Man Club, said: "It was a fantastic night.

"The place was packed to the gunnels.

"We raised an amazing total and we're over the moon that the Woodside added £250 to make it £1,000.

"We had four different acts who were all amazing, and about halfway through I was able to speak about my story and going to Andy's Man Club for the first time about 20 months ago.

"I'm now a facilitator and we have 25 members who attend regularly. From nothing to that, it's brilliant.

"Everyone who came on Friday was saying they had a great time and I swear there were raffle prizes everywhere!

"A couple of guys came up to me at the end and asked about coming to Andy's Man Club.

"If they make that first step, the hardest one, it'd be great to see them there."