CARDENDEN is being plagued day and night by youths on dirtbikes ripping apart green spaces and frightening residents.

Damage has been caused around the village and locals have had enough.

Speaking to the Times this week, Cllr Rosemary Liewald said it's only a matter of time before someone is hurt.

"It is continuous right now as every single night they will be out on the bikes and causing a horrendous level of noise," she said.

"It's frightening for people. One woman recently, in her mid-60s, was frozen like a statue as someone on a dirtbike raced towards her before skirting around her.

"We could end up seeing someone on one of these bikes ending up being scattered across the road or another resident ending up in the line of a bike.

"We have had this problem before, but it has usually been short-lived after those responsible realised that locals were up in arms about it."

The issue has been reported to the police and to Fife Council.

Dirtbike tracks can be seen in the Green Hill area, Wallsgreen Park near the skate park, the top football pitch, and on pathways.

"The damage at the football pitch is awful," Cllr Liewald added.

"It's destroyed, really. It's just mud now and I don't have a blessed clue as to how long it will need to recover.

"This has to stop."

Local police sergeant John Nicol said: "We are committed to improving road safety and work closely with a number of partners to address this.

“We are aware of concerns in the community about the anti-social and careless or inconsiderate driving in Cardenden.

"Local officers and our colleagues in road policing continue to carry out enforcement activity to deter speeding, reduce instances of anti-social driving and deal with drivers who are breaking the law due to the manner of their driving or the roadworthiness of their vehicles.

“It’s not all about enforcement and prosecution and it is important that drivers also take responsibility for their actions.

"Priority is given to locations where there have been previous collisions where speed was a factor as well as areas with vulnerable road users, such as near schools and areas with a number of pedestrians and cyclists.

“Police officers may not be present when the manner of driving falls below the required standard and as such I would appeal to the communities to be our eyes and ears, to contact the police by calling 101 to report their concerns and also provide a statement to officers along with any other evidence they have including videos or photographs when contacted which will allow officers to conduct further enquiries and take enforcement action.”

More photos of the damage inside this week's Times.