A CHARITY delivering childcare in Ballingry was in "jeopardy" until urgent funding from Fife Council enabled it to survive.

Kids Come First was given £6,769 in October to keep the doors open and Cowdenbeath area committee was recently given an update.

Councillor Lea McLelland thanked council officers for their help and said: "This was very much in jeopardy and in danger of coming to an end.

"When you picked this up you realised just how bad it was and you've worked so hard.

"Kids Come First is such a huge part of this community and surrounding area because it keeps people in work, it's used before school, after school and during school holidays.

"It's a fantastic effort to keep it going so thank you for that."

Kids Come First is based at the Benarty Centre and offers affordable childcare to more than 60 kids.

Council project manager Scott Blyth told the committee it was a "well respected and needed service" in the area but it had hit money problems and urgently needed council cash to keep going in October and November.

To ensure the funding got through quickly, the executive director of finance authorised the payment of £6,769 to "ensure staff were paid".

Mr Blyth's report to the committee said the charity had experienced "historic challenges" which had significantly impacted its ability to secure grant funding.

However he added that a new board of trustees, along with better governance, financial control and care commission reports, had given Kids Come First a "fresh start" and the future was looking brighter.

It has not needed any further financial assistance and has continued to deliver the service, making improvements along the way and attracting a growing number of children.

The charity has also managed to source external funding.

Cllr Rosemary Liewald said: "It's refreshing to see the difficulties that they were experiencing appear to be being resolved.

"There were additional support children they couldn't take on because of a lack of posts so it's absolutely heartening to hear those children that were desperately seeking these places can now be accommodated.

"That's in itself terrific to hear so long may this success continue."

Convener, Cllr Alex Campbell, added: "I was involved with Kids Come First a number of years ago and they have had their difficulties.

"Hopefully they've turned the corner because, and I don't mean this to be disrespectful, we can't continue to keep bailing them out.

"We just wish them good luck and that they continue to do all the good work in the community that the community needs.

"Hopefully they get their house in order and they don't have to come back to us."