PUPILS at Kelty Primary School found treasure on their playground pirate ship.

They found a surprise with a heartfelt note attached to it before breakfast club and ran to show their headteacher, Colin Lyle what was inside.

He said: “Three girls found the book on our ‘Pirate Ship’ as they arrived for breakfast club, they brought the book straight to me as they were excited but unsure what they should do.”

The book, Hey Duggee Animals, a touch and feel playbook, was left in memory of Cora who sadly passed away at just 25 days old on January 15, 2020.

The Maddock family decided to run their appeal again this year after its previous success, and shared the details on social media. They asked people to purchase or donate a book and print off their message: “Hello! This book has been left as a gift in memory of a special little girl.

“Cora passed away on January 15 2020, aged 25 days. She left behind her identical twin sister, Rose, who has just turned three.

"If you have a little person in your life who loves a book then please take this home and enjoy it with them.”

The message went on to ask the recipients to share photos of it being enjoyed on social media, using the hashtag #corasbooks so that the Maddock family could see them being enjoyed in their baby girl's memory.

Mr Lyle continued: “We read the letter together and had a lovely discussion about the find and the reasons for the book being left there. The girls really grasped the idea of keeping the love of books going and how this would also support Cora’s family with their memories – knowing that so many people were involved and were using her name, even if they didn’t know her!

“Two of the girls were so excited to be able to give the book to a younger family member – the elder sister has been holding onto it all morning to keep it safe! The event sparked a really powerful discussion within the class about Cora, her family and how it is so important to hold memories and do nice things for other people.

“As a school, we were delighted to be involved and will share the story at assembly, with the whole school, later this week.”