One will likely never find guarantees when it comes to methods for winning the lottery. But there are several factors that could perhaps increase your chance of winning.

The more frequent the better

For one, there is the opportunity to enter draws that happen three times per week. The French Lotto is a good example of this. It is drawn on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays - so those are three opportunities to enter and win in a seven-day period. That's a significantly stronger option than, say, lotteries that a drawn twice a week or even once per year.

How about strong main prize odds?

You can also choose to enter lotteries that have better odds of winning the jackpot than others. For example, the Irish Lottery has main prize odds of one in approximately 10.7 million. That might sound high, but it's not when considering the Polish Lotto's one in 14 million or German Lotto's one in 15.5 million in the same category.

And prizes in the lower tiers?

People can also take into account the odds of winning any prize when considering ideas about how to win the lottery sooner or later. Again, to reiterate, there are no guarantees - but lotteries with lower odds of winning any prize can be more attractive than those that have higher odds in the same category. Here, the French Lotto comes up trumps again with odds of one in six of winning any prize. Of course, the prize might be quite low, but it's still something, and often an overlooked component of lottery draws. Far too often, people don't bother checking the lower prize tiers if they didn't win the jackpot.

Consistency can be king

Then, playing the same numbers again and again over an extended period might not guarantee a lottery win, but it could give a person a bit more confidence and control over their choices instead of just going for random digits auto-generated by a computer. Time and time again, there have been examples of people who have eventually won big after playing the same numbers for years on end.

Some have based these digits on important dates and milestones in their lives. Others looked to their star signs and numerology indicators for guidance about which numbers they should select.

If one is prepared to study the multitude of data available online and elsewhere on the subject, there are hot and cold numbers to consider as well. They won't necessarily make you win the lottery, but again, you might feel more in control if you are picking numbers that have been drawn more regularly than others. Or perhaps you want to select cold numbers that arguably 'due', too.

Think big

It's also worth considering the average jackpots won over the years when looking for a lottery to enter. If you do happy to get all the numbers right and strike it rich, you'd probably want to strike it super rich. For this, US Powerball and EuroMillions draws are attractive. Their main prizes reach billions with relative regularity.