A VIDEO inspired by Creature Comforts - with a nod to Father Ted - has been released by Fife Council urging the public to help slash roadside litter.

The council's Don't Rubbish Fife Campaign is being supported by a video featuring cartoon rats with signs, a bespectacled worm, and a trio of seagulls being voiced by Fifers.

They comment on the impact rubbish can have on the local landscape in terms of health, tourism and wildlife.

Fife councillor Jan Wincott, spokesperson for Environment & Climate Change, said: “Our roadside litter comes from a few thoughtless individuals that have no consideration for where it will end up or what damage it might do.

"Litter is a preventable scourge that ruins the landscape for locals and visitors. “Verge cleaning is a costly yet preventable expense.

"It takes money away from more productive work that the Fife Council teams could be carrying out.

"Let’s be proud of where we live.

"Keep your rubbish in the vehicle until it can be disposed of responsibly.

"Please Don’t Rubbish Fife."