BENARTY kids have found a traffic cone and a discarded scanner blighting the area as part of an ongoing initiative to keep the place tidy.

The Benarty Litter Busters project launched last Monday, and is being run by the local community council.

The council is working with Benarty and St Kenneth's primary schools in an effort to encourage environmental education and social responsibility.

Both schools are incorporating the project into their coursework.

The pupils taking part have had success thus far with numerous bags of rubbish being collected.

Pupils from P7 at Benarty PS accumulated six bags of litter, with the help from their teacher, pupil support, the community council and local police officers.

Friday the 13th of January also proved unlucky for litter when the pupils from P7 at St. Kenneth’s, alongside their teacher and pupil support and the community council, collected five bags of rubbish.

Commenting, Debbie Doyle, from the community council, told the Times: "The pupils managed this in only thirty minutes - they’re fantastic litter busters, a credit to their respective schools and the Benarty community.

"Sadly, they found a multitude of litter around the skate park and community centre - even used nappies, a traffic cone and a discarded scanner alongside the crisp packets, juice bottles, cans and vaping supplies littering the area.

"The initiative will run throughout the term.

"Each week a different primary will bust the litter messing up in the streets and green spaces within Benarty.

"At the end of the term each participating pupil will be given a certificate and badge.

"The kids can also win other prizes throughout the project, too."

And the initiative will also have a fun, competitive element, Debbie says.

"The schools will also be taking part in a friendly intra-school competition to see which primary collects the most bags and awards.

"The winning primary of each school will receive a Benarty Litter Busters trophy.

"The pupils hope that others in the community will follow their lead - stop dropping litter and put it in the bin instead.

"The community council extends their thanks to Coalfields Worx Fife and Recycle Fife who collected the litter bags, Fife Council for supplying the litter-picking equipment, Trojan Press & Conscience for the custom hi-vis to keep the kids safe, to Benarty Centre staff, Police Scotland, and to the pupils and staff of Benarty and St. Kenneth’s primaries for enthusiastically supporting the project - thank you."