TWO people who were recently caught on camera illegally dumping waste in the Benarty area were forced to return and clean up after themselves.

A van was recently seen at Ballingry Turning Circle with a pair of men filmed transforming the area into a "dumping ground".

Footage showed that the men made four journeys in the space of two hours on Tuesday, January 3 to unload a mixture of items at the recycling point, which included a bed, cupboards, a mattress and other assorted pieces of household furniture.

Councillor Lea McLelland obtained the recordings of the rubbish being abandoned at the site from her neighbour's CCTV.

She was furious at the "brass neck" of those responsible and immediately called the company who own the van.

She spoke to the owner of the firm and alerted him to what had happened.

"He immediately said it was one of his drivers with the pick-up van," she told the Times.

"He said he was very angry about it and that he would get in touch with the driver.

"I was fine with that as he said he would update me on it; I told him I had the footage of them doing it.

"He phoned me back to say that he had went crazy at them for what they had done.

"I told him I had three options: 1. I report it to the police. 2. I report it to the police and Fife Council. 3. Order them to remove it themselves, no matter how many times they have to come back and do so.

"People need to know this area is not a dumping ground.

"I'm actually sick at this.

"This is illegal dumping. It is high-rate vandalism.

"It is ridiculous. What would have happened if the wind had picked up and a piece of wood went onto the main road and it caused an accident? What if a bus driver had to swerve out of the way in these conditions?

"When I saw what they had dumped, I couldn't believe it. Beds, name it, they left it.

"It was in broad daylight. Four times. The van was full.

"The sheer brass neck of them. It's criminal."

After Cllr McLelland contacted the firm on Wednesday 4, the van was spotted on the morning of Thursday 5, with men seen removing the pile of waste from the site.

"I want people to know that folk in Benarty will not put up with this," the councillor remarked.

"This is our area and we will not accept this."