Hello, I’m Robyn and it’s lovely to meet you!

I am a qualified fitness professional from Fife and have worked in the fitness industry for seven years now, originally working face-to-face within leisure centres but now I work online getting to help many people, wherever they are in the world – I really love it.

You see, I sadly spent years being misled by information that really impacted my self-esteem, body image and felt I couldn’t get out the vicious cycle of never achieving my health and fitness goals and everything I was doing was never getting me there leaving me feeling lost and confused.

However, since improving my own relationship with food and fitness, it is now allowing me to help others just like you to be able to achieve great results.

In January, many people use this time to better their health and make positive changes in their lives, so I want to make sure you get off on the right foot and don’t get caught up in any of the nonsense.

Therefore, I am here to introduce our weekly fitness article which I will provide you with weekly tips and education on how to live a healthy and happy life, improve your wellbeing and cover any myths that exist.

I would also love to answer your questions you might have for me and I will answer one in the following week's article.

Just get in touch via: robyndrummondfitness@hotmail.com, or on social media at ‘robyndrummondfitness’ and I would love to answer these for you.