A NEW beauty salon has opened its doors in Central Fife.

Erin Bain and Megan Peacock are the proud new owners of Slayy on Main Street.

After years of working together, the pair decided to go into business together.

Megan, 22, previously had her own salon, The Diamond Beauty Zone, in Kirkcaldy, with Erin working and renting a space alongside her.

"After three years, we decided to team up and open a salon together," they said.

"The salon offers nails, lashes and brow treatments just now, but we would like to expand and do more treatments in the future.

"We both offer nails, with Erin also doing brows. We have a lash technician, Jodie (@flawlashbeauty), working with us currently on a Monday and Thursday.

"We also have a beauty room available to rent and a makeup station. There is information about these over on our Facebook and Instagram pages."

They had their first day together last Tuesday, January 3, and are delighted to be open to customers.

"Our first day working and opening the salon to our customers was amazing," they said.

"We’ve worked hard over the years to make it possible to open Slayy together.

"It’s also such a privilege to have all of our clients follow and support us on our journey.

"We couldn’t have done it without them and without the support of friends and family!

"We look forward to seeing what other clients we meet along the way on our new business venture.

"It was also so nice to see all the locals walking by and seeing how busy of a little town Kinglassie is."