HIS 'old clicky hip' may be giving him 'a bit of gip' but Lochgelly man Don Campbell has still been able to help locals this winter.

The Scottish Highland Games handicapper wanted to repeat his 2021 quest which saw his runs to Wallsgreen Park, in Cardenden, raise more than £1,000 for good Christmas causes in the village and Lochgelly.

But the wear his career as a top Highland Games sprinter has caused to his hip, and the pain being experienced by him, has meant his runs were limited in 2022.

However, Don and wife Margaret have been able to do something to provide help for people over the festive period.

Don, who admits he is now not far away from his seventies, told the Times: “l wasn’t able to repeat last year’s charity runs unfortunately.

“My old clicky hip is giving me a bit of gip. Plus, we thought folk are all toiling a bit this year to ask for sponsorship from, so Margaret and myself self-sponsored every time l went for a run.

“We ‘emptied’ a well known High Street store, in Kirkcaldy, of 60 fleece blankets which we have split between Lochgelly and Bowhill, to be distributed through the associations, churches, Salvation Army, and Tot’s to Teen’s, and lunches, drop-in organisations, which just might help out in this horrible ‘heat or eat choice’ many folks are sadly going to find themselves in this winter.”

Don, who has been the national Highland Games Handicapper for many years, has played a large part in the restoration of Bowhill Highland Games, which saw more than 2,000 people attend the 2022 event at Wallsgreen Park in September, and he has been delighted at the way the gesture made by Margaret and himself, has been received in both Lochgelly and the Auchterderran, Bowhill, Cardenden and Dundonald communities.