A 73-YEAR-OLD Cardenden man who attacked a neighbour because he works for the council has been ordered to pay compensation.

Alexander Dowie was raging about having no hot water in his council home and took out his anger on the bemused neighbour, a local authority employee, as he headed to work one morning.

Dowie punched the man, grabbed his hair and tried to bite him during the incident.

Dowie, of Cardenden Road, appeared in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for sentencing.

He admitted previously that on September 29, at Cardenden Road, he assaulted Mark McGibbon by seizing him by the clothing, punched him repeatedly on the body, seized a lanyard from his neck, pushed him, struggled with him, seized him by the hair and attempted to bite him on the arm.

Depute fiscal Amy Robertson said that at 8.10am, Mr McGibbon was leaving his home to go to work when he was confronted by Dowie in the common stairwell.

She went on: “The accused began saying that Mr McGibbon and his boss had ruined his life. This related to heating issues with his council property.

“He grabbed him by the tee-shirt and tried to wrestle with him. He punched him to the chest a few times then grabbed his lanyard from him. He refused to give it back.

“He punched him again then pushed him as a struggle ensued. He then tried to bite Mr McGibbon’s arm.

“The complainer’s glasses fell off and the accused kicked them down the stairs. Mr McGibbon eventually got his lanyard back and called the police.”

At a previous hearing, Sheriff Grant McCulloch asked Dowie: “Why did you do this?”

He answered: “My central heating and hot water haven’t been working for three months. I’ve not been able to have a shower.

“He works for the council. That’s what it’s all about. He knows who switched it off. They’ve got something against me, him and his boss.”

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis admonished Dowie and ordered him to pay £250 compensation to his victim.