ALCOHOL awareness packs have been handed out in Cowdenbeath and the surrounding area in the lead up to Christmas to help people celebrate safely.

The packs issued by local police officers contain reusable bottle protectors, a re-usable drink protector, personal safety alarm, card defender Diamond ICE and a check your drink test strip.

Police Scotland has received funding from Fife Council, Kingdom Housing Association, Ore Valley Housing Association and Cowdenbeath Community Council to support the initiative.

Officers have been handing these out in recent weeks and will continue in the lead-up to Christmas, with some packs being available in selected licensed premises.

Sergeant John Nicol said: “We are pleased to have received the support of our partners to supply these packs to help people stay safe in licensed premises.

“All of the items are reusable, with the exception of the test kit which is limited to two uses, so while we are handing these packs out over the next few weeks they will hopefully remain helpful for far longer.

“The party season is a great time but it's important to drink responsibly. Stay with your friends and don't leave nights out on your own or with strangers.

“We will be carrying out visits to licensed premises in the area to provide a visible presence and reassurance, along with handing out the safety packs.

“If you see any of our officers then please feel free to approach them to speak about the initiative or if you have any other concerns or questions."