A PUPPY was "nearly killed" by a man cycling at speed in Kelty.

A dog walker who recently witnessed the incident in Blairadam Forest has blasted the cyclist's actions which nearly caused injury to a lady's little Border Collie - believed to be around 10 months old.

Posting on social media, the witness angrily described the man's behaviour and encouraged others to be respectful of others while enjoying popular greenspaces.

"Sorry to pop the Christmas bubble, but I would just like to address the 'gentleman' who went tearing through Blairadam woods on his bicycle and nearly killed a puppy this morning," they said.

"Rude. Rude. Rude.

"As the lady spotted you coming at high speed around the corner, she desperately tried to grab the puppy but it had spotted you and took off in hot pursuit.

"Instead of slowing down or stopping you continued to scoot down the path and towards me and my two dogs which I had called to the side of the path.

"You were clearly watching the pup as it weaved around you, barking and chasing you.

"This incident could have caused serious injury to you if it had got caught in your wheels, and worse still you could have killed the puppy at that speed.

"I managed to distract the pup and let my dogs go to keep its attention away from the bike.

"The poor owner was distressed and upset, not that you would know that as you hurtled off.

"I know some will argue it shouldn't have been off the lead but you have to train them somewhere.

"A little thought and caring for others please!"