A LOCAL MSP has been trained in dealing with an overdose at a session in Lochgelly.

Claire Baker, Labour MSP or mid Scotland and Fife, and her office staff were shown how to administer the potentially life-saving drug naloxone.

And she is urging more members of the public to learn how they can recognise the signs and help in the event of an overdose.

Ms Baker said: “Naloxone is straightforward to administer but in some circumstances it can be the difference between life and death.

"Harm reduction is an important part of addressing Scotland’s high level of drug-related deaths and naloxone is proven as providing a temporary intervention that can buy the time needed for an ambulance to arrive."

The training was carried out by Kerry Watson, from We Are With You Fife, at Ore Valley Business Centre in Lochgelly, where Ms Baker’s regional office is based.

It was also offered to other organisations based in the centre.

Since 2005 naloxone has been on a list of medications anyone can legally administer in an emergency in order to save a life.

It works by temporarily reversing opiate overdose, buying time until the emergency services arrive, and is administered by pre-filled syringe or nasal spray.

Ms Baker said: “Anyone who thinks they might find someone experiencing an overdose in the family, community, workplace or public place can request a naloxone kit and training in its use.

"As MSPs spend so much time out and about across their communities, and their offices are well-known accessible places, it is important that we are prepared and able to respond, and for our offices to be a place where people know they could access help if needed.

“Having naloxone available and knowing how to use it means that you can help someone who has overdosed, even if you are unsure what they have taken.

"I would encourage MSPs and other representatives to undertake the training so should the need arise, they would be well-placed to act.”