COMMUNITIES in Benarty have been selected to join the Climate Action Town Project.

The initiative is funded by the Scottish Government and is delivered by Architecture and Design Scotland, Scotland’s design agency, and is aimed at supporting towns to tackle the impact of the climate emergency.

The scheme works with local people and organisations in small towns across Scotland to empower and support communities to take place-based climate action.

They will do this in a way that takes account of the unique challenges and opportunities each town faces, with Ballingry, Crosshill, Lochore and Glencraig now part of the project.

Richard Lochhead, Just Transition Minister, said: “It is great to see more towns joining the Climate Action Towns programme.

"The climate crisis is a global challenge, but we all have a role to play in tackling it, and many of the solutions will be local.

“This project will give local communities a voice in shaping how they respond to climate change.

"By empowering them to identify local solutions, they can help tackle and adapt to the impact of our changing climate.

"It will also help to engage people that have not previously been involved in climate action." 

Jim MacDonald, Chief Executive of Architecture and Design Scotland, said:  “The climate emergency demands urgent action from us all. 

"For Scotland to adapt to the impacts of climate change, we are all going to need to work together to adapt the ways we live, work, play and move in our cities, towns and villages.

"Considering that half of Scotland’s population live in towns, it is vital towns are a key focus in the fight against climate change.” 

Councillor Jan Wincott, Fife Council’s Spokesperson for Environment and Climate Change, said: “Community climate actions are essential to tackle the climate emergency and to make better places to live and work in Fife.

"The addition of the Benarty communities as a Climate Action Town will help to integrate climate actions into the busy and challenging efforts to tackle the cost of living crisis and to create more local opportunities for Benarty, and across Fife.

"Direct engagement with communities will help their priorities to be delivered, tackling climate change in the way that works best for that community.

"I welcome Architecture and Design Scotland’s support of climate action in Benarty and look forward to learning how the Benarty community focus on progressing."