THE first look at a new playpark proposal for Lochore Meadows has been unveiled.

The play area would offer more than 80 activities and be able to accommodate more than 200 users at the one time.

The proposal is to situate the park in a new, nearby location to the current one - on an area of grass between the visitor centre and the Fairy Wood.

This would allow for the existing playpark to remain in use until the new one is ready.

And then that area could be repurposed as part of a wider nature play area project that has already secured Scottish Government funding towards repurposing a derelict part of the existing play park into a natural play area.

Sarah Roxburgh, Community Manager for the Cowdenbeath Area explained: "An initial proposal to remove and rebuild a playpark on its current site unfortunately came in significantly over budget, mainly due to costly groundworks. Replacing the ageing play equipment remains a priority. This new proposal, which could be delivered on budget thanks to its new nearby location that doesn't require the same ground preparation work, would still deliver a large playpark with accessible features."

Sarah added: "We're very keen to hear what park visitors and the local community think about the playpark proposal, as well as the idea to develop the natural play area and to redefine the designated events space further up in the grassed area that it is currently situated at.

"This would also allow the park's staff to create temporary overflow car parking options and extra disabled parking on the grass during busy park days when an event hadn't booked out the area.

"These proposals are part of what we hope will be an ambitious long-term plan for the Meedies though.

"So as well as consulting with people on these specific ideas that have been developed, we have a range of ways that the local community and visitors can bring their own ideas to the table.

"As Fife's most visited outdoor attraction we know there is no shortage of people who could give us valuable feedback, ideas and inspiration.

"I'd urge everyone who knows and loves the Meedies to get involved in a way that suits them."

To give your feedback on the proposals, you can attend both in-person and online consultations.

A drop-in event at the Willie Clarke Centre at the Meedies has been arranged for Wednesday (November 23), from 2pm to 6pm.

The project team and playpark designers from Kompan will be on hand with a range of visuals to talk people through the proposed play offering.

The event will be "especially useful for people who want to see and discuss the individual elements of the play equipment in more detail", the council has said.

The project team will also be able to talk people through the natural play area and events space proposals if they would like the opportunity to do it on site.

An online consultation about the development of Lochore Meadows Country Park where people can also view and comment on the specific proposals that have been developed so far are ongoing until Friday, December 16.

You can also take part in a themed workshops on Friday 2 or Saturday 3 December at the Willie Clarke Centre. The sessions are free, with a £40 gift voucher offered to attendees.

To book a place on a workshop or take part in the survey, visit:

Children and young people are also being consulted with directly.

Plans include visits to local schools and to show them the proposals and talk about their wider ideas and hopes for the park, gathering feedback from park user groups such as the Meedies Bike Club members or through workshops organised with local Youth Work services.