A DRUNKEN thug who attacked a mum and daughter outside their home on a Sunday afternoon has finally been jailed.

Christopher Roberts, 24, did not know the family he assaulted in Kelty for no reason other than he was intoxicated on Buckfast.

Despite his record of violence, he escaped a prison sentence previously because of the Scottish Government guidelines aimed at rehabilitation rather than custody for offenders under 25.

Sentence was deferred at that time and when the case returned to Dunfermline Sheriff Court, Roberts, of Croall Place, Kelty, was behind bars for other matters and he appeared by video-link.

He admitted previously that on January 30, at Croftangry Road, Kelty, he assaulted a woman by punching her on the head to her injury.

He also admitted that he assaulted another female by punching her on the head.

The victims were aged 42 and 25.

Depute fiscal Amy Robertson told the court previously the incident involved three complete strangers to Roberts, who was extremely intoxicated at 2.45pm on a Sunday afternoon.

Roberts had staggered into the family’s garden clutching a bottle of Buckfast and asked the man for a lift home.

The man responded that he did not give lifts to people he did not know and asked him to get out of the garden.

Roberts squared up to the man, was pushed away and fell down. He then got up and threw punches, striking the mother and the daughter to their faces.

The daughter sustained bruising to her cheek, signs of concussion and felt pain behind her eye.

Defence solicitor David McLaughlin said: “It’s dreadful behaviour.”

He had admitted previously that his client had an “unenviable record” and had been “sailing close to the wind” when he avoided custody for his previous offence, a serious assault.

Sheriff David Hall told Roberts: “This was an assault on a mother and daughter which was totally unprovoked and you have a bad record of violence.”

He jailed Roberts for six months.