A KELTY dad who started a fireworks display during lockdown to "bring the community together" said there were hundreds of people enjoying the pyrotechnics on Saturday night.

Paul Currie, 32, formed a wee group to let off rockets and bangers from the park on Keltyhill Avenue in what's becoming an annual fixture.

It lit up the night sky and he told the Times: "We do it just to see the smiles on the kids' faces. I've got a wee boy, Jay, who's seven now and he loves them.

"During Covid was the first time we did it, we all kept spaced out and it was great to see the community come together during a really tough time.

"When you see everyone happy it makes it all worthwhile."

He added: "I've got quite a big family so I had nephews and nieces there too but it's more for the community, to do something for Kelty.

"There were other people that contributed and helped out too, it's not just me."

Paul, a 360 digger driver, said that clubbing together helps keep the costs down and an ongoing deal with a supplier means they got a fair amount of fireworks for their money.

He said: "Everyone keeps saying we have to do more and go bigger!

"I didn't expect it to last as long as it did, it was something like 40 minutes. The fireworks in the Glen in Dunfermline never even used to last that long!

"I didn't really notice at the time as I was setting them off but when I saw the photos and videos later there must have been hundreds of people there.

"We had people from Dunfermline and Burntisland too, I guess because there weren't as many displays on this year, and we went to the fireworks in Cardenden too."

What started out as an attempt to boost spirits during the worst of Covid could run every Bonfire night, although he's wary of it getting out of hand.

"We're definitely looking to keep it going but we'll need to see what happens.

"It's getting so popular now so I'll need to watch it doesn't become a 'big event', then you need to get all sorts of certificates and it takes a lot more organisation and money."