PLANS for a 20-metre high telecommunications pole in Cowdenbeath have been approved by Fife Council.

Cornerstone, a company that operates radio mast infrastructure and is based in Berkshire, was given the go-ahead to upgrade existing equipment off Foulford Place.

There is currently a 15-metre high monopole, which will be replaced, and two small associated cabinets on the edge of an area of public amenity ground.

A council report explained: "The change in height would be approximately five metres higher than the existing monopole and as such would not have a detrimental negative visual impact on the existing appearance."

Two new cabinets will be installed, one of which will replace an existing cabinet.

The report added that the telecommunication mast, which will contain six antennas mounted on top of the pole, would be around 40 metres from the nearest residential property and the upgrade was "not likely" to cause any additional noise issues.