SIR Ian Rankin has been honoured once again this year as Beath High School has named its English faculty after the writer.

Rankin, the world-renowned crime fiction writer from Cardenden, attended Beath High as a youngster and following his knighthood in the summer, the school decided to mark the achievement of its former pupil.

Steve Ross, Rector, commented: "It was our Head of English, Louise Hutchison, who had the idea of asking Sir Ian if he would consider the re-naming of the faculty.

"Sir Ian has been a great advocate for our school and always delivers when we ask for his support and input.

"He has worked closely with our English teacher colleagues, and it seemed the appropriate next step.

"Cementing that partnership, but also fittingly marking the honour bestowed upon one of our former pupils.

"We already have the 'Sir James Black Science Faculty' in the school - it was a cause for real celebration when Sir Ian agreed to the naming of English after him.

"Worth noting that Sir Ian would only agree to this after the English staff and pupils were asked if they were happy with the change - a humble man who understands how our local community works."

Rankin recently delivered a speech at Beath High's Senior Awards ceremony, where a plaque marking the Sir Ian Rankin English Faculty was unveiled.

Rankin also recently released his latest Inspector Rebus book, A Heart Full of Headstones - available in shops and online now.