A "BIG STROLL" by a Central Fife councillor has raised more than £900 for Cardenden Food Pantry.

Rosemary Liewald, who represents Lochgelly, Cardenden, and Benarty, took part in Edinburgh's Kilt Walk, completing 13 miles in aid of the Bowhill Centre service.

She said: "I know that what I am able to is raise will be added to the much-needed resources spend in this community and beyond and I would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who added to the GoFundMe page and boosted the funds, additionally huge thanks to Sir Tom Hunter who also added another 50 per cent to the amount raised."

A total of £915 will now help the pantry to continue to provide vital provisions and fresh produce to families living with strict budgets.

The facility, run by Margaret King, community learning development officer, also hosts skills and education classes, such as 'cooking on a budget' workshops.

Ms King said: "These vital classes enable our families to gain confidence and resilience building in what is going to be one of worst cost of living crises we have ever seen."

She further thanked Cllr Liewald for her donation.