SEXUAL crime has fallen within the Kingdom - but overall reported crime has risen.

Police Scotland issued its Q1 Management of Information data for the period April to June, which shows that the overall number of sexual crimes reported in Fife has decreased from 450, to 362 when compared with the same period last year.

This reduction also includes 22 fewer incidents of rape and attempted rape and 44 fewer reports of indecent/sexual assault. The detection rates for sexual crime has increased from 60.4 per cent to 76.2 per cent in the same period with rape and attempted rape detection rate also increasing from 79.5 per cent to 89.3 per cent.

Overall reported crime in Fife has risen from 3,742 to 4,123 and this includes a slight rise in violent offences.

Violent crime has risen nationally and Fife policing teams are working as part of Operation Path to reduce violent offences. Despite the overall increase in violence, both serious assault and attempted murder reports have fallen, while the detection rates for these crime types has increased.

The overall detection rate for violent crime has increased by almost 16 percentage points.

Fife has also seen a rise in acquisitive crime, including an increase in housebreaking and fraud.

The rise in fraud offences is reflected across the country, with the vast majority occurring online.

Detection for acquisitive crime has increased, including an additional 25 frauds being solved.

While there has been one further fatal collision compared to last year, there has been a significant fall in the total number of road casualties.

The improvement in road safety is also reflected in the overall reduction in motoring offences, which includes a drop in the number of reports for dangerous driving, speeding and driving without a licence.

There was, however, 10 more incidents of drink/drug driving recorded.

Chief Superintendent Derek McEwan, Divisional Commander for Fife, said: "Public Protection is a top priority in the division and I am really encouraged that we've seen a reduction in sexual crime, whilst being able to detect more offenders and highlight our commitment to apprehending those responsible for sexual offending.

"The national rise in both violence and fraud are reflected within the Kingdom and we are continuing to work with key partners to address this. Again though, I would pay tribute to the officers of Fife Division, who work hard and very successfully in bringing the perpetrators of violence to justice.

"As DCC Taylor has stated, the continued prevalence of cyber offending means we must continue to invest in online investigative technology to safeguard the public while they are online.

"The communities of Fife can rest assured that local officers will continue to do all they can to reduce crime and keep the Kingdom a safe place to live, work and visit.”

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The Q1 2022-23 Performance Report was set to be presented at the Scottish Police Authority Policing Performance Committee on Tuesday.