A CROSSHILL woman opened her curtains this morning (Friday) to a majestic sight - a stag standing outside her home.

Laura McConell did a double take after seeing the gorgeous animal taking in his surroundings on Park Street at around 8.30am.

Speaking to the Times, Laura said: "I just opened my curtains and I saw him standing there!

"He was having a look around as if to see where to go; I think he looked quite scared.

"He went off towards the road to the Meedies, so I hope he's okay.

"I've never seen anything like it before around here.

"When I opened the curtains, he was behind the tree at the front of my house and I could just see his legs sticking out to begin with.

"I was shocked. I thought, 'What the hell?!', and then he walked forward and I seen him properly.

"I had my phone on me so I quickly took a photo as I didn't think anyone would have believed me otherwise!"