MORE than 3,600 road defects and potholes have been fixed in the Kingdom since the start of April.

Fife Council said that spending an extra £6.2 million and bringing in more staff to tackle the backlog of repairs was beginning to pay off.

And they're hopeful a new IT system for reporting problems will improve efficiency and response times for members of the public.

The council's roads spokesperson, councillor Altany Craik, said: "We've specifically targeted an extra £6.2m to catch up on road repairs this year and we're continuing to make good progress.

"However we know that there's still a lot of work to do and we're committed to continually improving Fife's roads.

"Winter is approaching and these months can be challenging for the service.

"We'll continue to identify any issues as quickly as possible and keep roads safe for everyone travelling."

At the full council meeting last week, council leader David Ross reported that, since the start of April, 3,679 repairs have been carried out, including around 1,000 left over from 2021-22.

He told councillors: "Road repairs and tackling potholes is obviously still a priority for all of us.

"We're certainly not there yet, there's a way to go, but it is positive work that's being carried out.

"The defects outstanding from the previous financial year have now all been addressed and considerable further work has been done on that.

"A new system for reporting and monitoring is being brought in that should improve the efficiency of tackling those.

"In terms of the latest performance figures, for category one repairs 100 per cent have been dealt with and in category two it's 87 per cent.

"Obviously we want to keep those improvements going and also to look at the challenges presented by the winter months."