THERE is concern that villages such as Crossgates and Kelty could lose their voice if no-one steps up to join the community council.

One has already admitted it is in "danger of folding" due to dwindling membership and Cowdenbeath councillor Alex Campbell, whose ward covers these areas, has issued a plea for new volunteers to get involved.

He said: "Community councils are massively important, not just in terms of representing the people in the community, but the events they organise and the issues they highlight that need addressed.

"It's all aspects really, from old folks parties and the Christmas lights through to supporting the galas and dealing with planning matters, they have a really important role to play.

"With the work they do, it's vital we keep them alive but it tends to be the same people that step up.

"I know Crossgates and Kelty community councils in particular are crying out for a bit of help, Cowdenbeath are looking for new members too.

"It's the same story across the whole ward. Hill of Beath Community Council was going to dissolve but they've managed to keep going with some new blood, so there is hope."

Crossgates and Mossgreen Community Council said there was a "real need for new, fresh and enthusiastic members to continue the excellent work of the current, committed members" and it is looking for a new chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

It added: "If no applications are received to fill the office bearers' posts, then the community council is in danger of folding."

The outgoing chairperson, Maureen Cuthbertson, said: "It is imperative that this community council receives applications for new committee and ordinary members asap to ensure survival and continuity.

"Especially to ensure the events that take place during the year in this village, and that everyone acknowledges to be worthwhile and are so proud of, are to continue in the future.

"Ongoing physical and regular financial support is equally imperative for the survival of all these local events and those of other groups.

"Strong local representation cannot take place without the survival of YOUR community council to promote residents' views in the interests of local democracy in their major role of liaising with local councillors and many Fife Council departments.

"The next community council meeting will be Monday, November 14 with a public meeting later to inform and update the public on the way forward, should it be required."